Through our fund raising events we create a sense of community united with us in helping students and Boy Scouts achieve their dreams and goals.

We would like to thank our Eric Verhaar Scholarship extended family for their work to make every event a success.

Volunteer's that make our events possible:
Kiya Townsend
Rayanne Brinks
Kellie Beyer
Dawn Guminski
Mitch Ross
Tom Larink
Sue Zoe
Willa Verberg
Becky Rodriguez
Jaxyn Vanbuskirk
James Bender
Tanner Whitcomb
James Raymond
Nicole Hendrickson
Heather Townsend
Daniel Kosten
Megan Cortez
Lisa Kosten

For information on how you can get involved send us a note at 

We also would like to acknowledge the local companies, which year after year provide generous donations for our Golf Event door prizes and raffle items. Without you our event would not be as successful.

In the past two years we have also partnered with Buffalo Wild Wings (Alpine) and Culvers (Alpine) who have donated a percentage of sales on a given date to the Scholarship fund.